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90 Minute Aerial Restore & Massage

Rhuomai 116 E 1st Street, Ste 110, Dixon, IL

This unique 90 minute class incorporates the benefits of AERIAL and RESTORATIVE yoga with the added benefits of MASSAGE. This class is lead by yoga instructor Krystal Freise and is accompanied by 1 massage therapist per 5 people. The participant will hold each pose for approximately 6-9 minutes either completely inside the silk or using […]


Yin Yoga Night

Yin is a slow paced, beginner friendly yoga class that holds poses for approximately 3-5 minutes. Yin yoga targets your deep connective tissues, like your fascia, ligaments and joints. Give yourself an opportunity to turn inward and focus on the mind as well as the physical sensations in the body. You can attend this class […]


90 Minute Restorative Yoga with Meditation

Restorative yoga helps to calm the mind and the body to facilitate deeper healing and stress reduction. Movements are slow, deliberate and passive to allow the body and mind fully relax. Props are used to fully support the body so the practice is completely effortless. A wonderful complement for those who practice more intense yoga […]

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