Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga balances the body and mind through physical poses, mindfulness and focused breath work. This style is practiced with a slower pace and longer static holds than a Vinyasa Flow. Accessible and supportive for all bodies, Hatha Yoga can help you improve your strength, flexibility and balance - leaving you feeling both relaxed and energized at the same time.

Intermediate Vinyasa

A moderately paced vinyasa style class with both static holds and flowing movements. This class will build core strength, increase your stability, and make you sweat a little. Designed for those who like more active poses and quicker movements.

Yin Yoga

A slow paced, beginner friendly class that hold poses approximately 3-5 minutes. This class targets the deep connective tissues, like your fascia, ligaments and joints. You will have the opportunity to turn inward physically and emotionally.

All Levels Flow

A vinyasa style class for ALL levels. Many modifications are offered and you are invited to move at a faster or slower pace. We will work on core strength, stability, and overall strength and flexibility. Leave feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Aerial Restore & Massage (Event Class)

A 90 minute event class held monthly or booked privately that combines the benefits of aerial yoga and restorative yoga with the added bonus of massage. An undoubtedly relaxing experience!

Aerial Yoga Flow

A 5 class series that incorporates flowing poses, holding challenging poses, and implementing flips and tricks throughout the practice. A confidence building experience. A 3 part Introduction class (Aerial Elements) must be completed before entering a series. AE is held monthly or can be booked privately.

Kids Aerial Yoga

Our kids aerial classes are for ages 7-12. We offer 5 week series of classes held on Thursday evenings as well as some fun drop-in classes for those wanting to practice occasionally. Our kids learn mindfulness, increase their strength and flexibily and enjoy not only the soothing sensation of the fabric but the fun of flight!

Emotional Awareness (Event Class)

This special event class will dive into emotional awareness.. You will learn what your emotional triggers are, find your true self, and experience the art of compassion. We will be using the body to guide us through this process. Leave with a fresh perspective on emotions and feeling the tangible expression of compassion. Class offered occasionally as an event or booked privately.


A high energy, no-impact workout that is designed to build strength, balance, and endurance. This unique workout is designed to combine lengthening, strengthening and cardio. This class provides total body transformation and helps to improve overall health.


The fun and energetic, low-impact, high intensity cardio, muscle strengthening workout that allows you to fly in the air and dive on the ground. Completion of Bungee Beginnings (our 3 class series) is required before entering our Traditional Bungee or Bungee Amped 5 Class Series. Occasional bungee drop-ins are offered but completion of Bungee Beginnings is still required.

Restorative Yoga

A relaxing class with the body supported by props and poses held for a longer period of time. A beginner friendly class that is great for any yogi. Restorative poses allow your body to enter the “Rest & Digest” part of the nervous system aiding you in better sleep, stress reduction, and emotional resilience.

Dance Fitness

A class combining cardio, memory retention, and low impact dance moves to provide dance fitness fun for every one of all ages and experience levels. Dance Fitness is a nonjudgmental class where fitness lovers of all kind can dance while getting a great workout. No dance experience necessary.



Private pricing is per person for 60 minutes

(Any land class - events excluded)
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(Any land class - events excluded)
90 Day Packages

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Aerial Drop In
5 Class Series
Aerial Elements & Bungee Beginnings


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